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Floor plans include


This student apartment floor plan includes three shared rooms, two private rooms and three bathrooms.  The bedrooms are spacious and you have your own closet space (see images) with plenty of room.  The bathroom area has four sinks, two private showers and a...  [more details]


The Deluxe floor plan comes with a washer and a dryer, awesome balcony, four large private rooms and two shared rooms.  Enjoy the spacious bathroom area with four sinks, two private showers and a private tub for soothing relaxation.  You really can't go wrong with... [more details]


This is the elite floor plan here at University Towers.  With the ideal setup of all private rooms for increased security and privacy, you can also enjoy a washer and dryer in the unit.  This floor plan sells out quickly so don't wait too long to make your choice!  Enjoy the balcony...  [more details]