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Welcome to the Freshman Living Program!

This is where it all begins!

The Freshman Living Program is a brand new exclusive program designed specifically for freshmen attending Utah Valley University. Our purpose is to help first year residents build a solid personal and academic foundation within the context of a Living Learning Community that supports the successful transition of new students. The program teaches residents to understand their own personal identity and how to engage in their new community, taking advantage of all the resources available to them. These are cornerstones for success while attending any major university.

First-year success is critical at any college, but especially at a major university. Living on your own for the first time is challenging and brings new responsibilities. Nationally, one out of five college freshmen drop out during the first year. The freshman living program addresses this problem by providing a network of support systems, personal guidance as needed, onsite academic tutoring, and most importantly, you are surrounded by peers who are in similar circumstances as you. The program was created to directly impact the likelihood of achieving academic and personal success.

While the freshman living program is designed to provide you with a foundation of support, it does not restrict your personal growth. You will be recognized for the adult you are, and you will be respected and encouraged. The program’s resources are there for you when you need them, but will not interfere in your student life when you don’t. For more information visit

Components of the Freshman Living Program

Living with Freshmen

Since many freshmen are brand new and take a similar course load during the first year, you are living with people who are going through similar experiences as you. Your peers are one of your biggest support networks at UVU. Freshman experience participants live together with only freshmen except for their RAs. Our RAs are carefully chosen leaders (mostly sophomores) who will introduce you to the campus living and its resources. That way, you avoid living with a hodge-podge assortment of roommates who may distract you from getting on the right path at such a critical time. Your freshman year friendships are those that will last for years to come.

The freshman experience program is located in residences on both the north and south sides of campus within 50 yards of campus.

Make Upper-Class Connections

You’ve heard of RAs. Well, the freshman experience program has peer leaders who live on the floor along with the freshmen (RAs). These RAs are upperclassmen (mostly sophomores) who share their experiences with you as well as introduce you to the campus and its resources. Our RAs are carefully chosen leaders who can get you going in the right direction. Additionally, peer leaders do a check-up with residents three times a year to see how students are doing academically and socially.

Your RA will plan activities for the section and the floor. Some planned activities include UVU sports, outdoor movies, community service, intramural teams, dances, and spontaneous festivities that make your college years so memorable. Even though all activities are optional, this is a great way to meet others get started at UVU.

Peer leaders can also help you answer questions such as:

  • When is drop day?
  • How do I register for classes for spring semester?
  • When are fees due?
  • Who is my academic advisor?
  • How do I change my major?

There is one peer leader for approximately every 20-30 freshmen.

Utilizing Academic Resources

Your RAs will help guide you through available resources at UVU, including where you can find help for tutoring, counselors, academic assistance, and many of the other available resources available to you from UVU.

Developing Best Practices for Success

The freshman experience program is designed to greatly enhance your ever important first year away from home. Programs and services will help you develop skills for success at UVU. Students can attend programs on time management, discuss a study plan with their residence director or guidance counselor at UVU,and develop habits and use of resources they otherwise may never know about.

Well Being

Being away from home the very first time is a great opportunity for growth, yet it can pose some immediate concerns and challenges especially for freshmen. Our program has eliminated many of the hassles and distractions that are usually associated with off-campus housing. This allows you to focus on what’s important, adjusting to college life, keeping your grades up, and, of course, making new friends and participating in all that college has to offer. This can be a lot to handle for your first year, so we make it as safe and easy as possible.

Our properties offer two of the best locations possible. Since you are so close to campus, you don’t need a car! That means you save time, money, and hassle not having to deal with car insurance, parking passes, costs of gas, wear and tear, or scraping icy windows on cold days. Did we mention the hours each week you’ll save in not having to commute or searching for parking spots in the overcrowded campus lots? When you don’t feel like walking, the free UVU student shuttles stop right across from our residences and provide quick transportation all around campus every few minutes. In addition, the new UTA and Front-Runner terminals will have an new shuttle stop adjacent to University Gateway that can connect any student to all the venues along the Wasatch Front and Salt Lake City.

Now, let’s talk about safety. Our RAs on each floor will conduct nightly checks and a building walk-through. The entrances at University Towers will be locked to outsiders after 10:00pm on weekdays and 11:00pm on weekends. Students can still come and go with their key fobs, but non-residents won’t be able to get in without a resident.

This is what a freshman experience should offer. We can help you eliminate so many of the distractions of off-campus living so you can focus on the important things and set yourself up for the best chance to succeed.

So How Can I Sign Up?

Complete your online housing application form and select the freshman living program. The program has an extremely limited number of spaces, so be sure to apply early. Applying for the program does not guarantee a space. If you have additional questions,  the office.

See room pricing

P: (801) 227-7373

For Parents: Help Students Help Themselves

Remember, as young adults, students have to begin learning to be their own best advocates. Often, parents want to jump in and solve basic problems for their child. We recommend giving advice, but allowing the student to work out a solution first. He or she must develop these coping and problem solving skills to master the tech environment. When you get the inevitable call or email, please remember to direct your student to the resources available the PL or RA on their floor, the dean of students, the Student Health Center, or other agency. Teaching the difference between a problem and an emergency will serve him or her better than calling the office yourself.

Suggested items to bring when living in the freshman housing program

What’s in your room?

Each resident will have a furnished room consisting of a bed, dresser, and wardrobe. Rooms do not have desk space; however, study rooms are available in both the north and south towers and are available for students to use as needed. Rooms are also equipped with a network (Ethernet) jack. All these furnishings must stay in your room all year. You may not remove them for any reason.

Packing for your move: Most students bring too much stuff! Please pack light for your first trip to campus. Call your roommate before you come, to coordinate who will bring the largest and heaviest items. Remember that we have stores close to campus, so if you forget something, you can get it here! Finally, storage in your room is limited to your wardrobe and under your bed. There are no storage rooms in any of our halls.

Once signed up, we’ll mail you a welcome package!

Freshman Living Program Office Contact Information

The Freshman Living Program Office is located on the ground floor of the University Towers just 50 yards north of campus.

  • University Towers
    630 S. 1200 W. Orem, UT 84058